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Seeking for the best graphic and design application beyond impressionism, Marnier is looking for the perfect balance in order to create a sense of harmony in his work.

Each stroke is placed at the artist’s awaited inspiration. Even in a static scene, the subject is put in motion. His distinctive brush stroke, which explores faces and wildlife with a dexterity that is as methodical as it is feisty, has drawn the attention of multiple galleries. You can admire his work at Beauchamp Gallery in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto.

Marnier grew up on the South-Shore of Montreal. Little, he already showed a strong talent for drawing. During his teenage years, his talent developed into a passion and started attracting attention. He first got noticed by his art teacher and then by his school director. With a smile, Marnier remembers how, at that time, the latter had purchased one of his drawings.

After graduating in graphic design, this discipline became his main channel of expression for close to twenty years – though he also liked to flirt with brushes on occasion. His artistic spark drew him away from graphic design and pushed him to devote himself entirely to painting. Over the past years, this medium gradually occupied more and more space, until it became the driving force of his artistic emergence and in which he developed his very own style.